Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clean up on aisle 31..... Second Avenue!

The guys came back to do the clean up on Thursday and Friday mornings.  The rubble was taken away and the various equipment removed.  Also on Thursday, Johnny brought 3 loads of soil, then returned to spread it out along the side and front of the house on Friday.

The following pictures are of John Sr. and Chris doing the clean up on Thursday:

The following pictures are of Johnny and Ryan, finishing the clean up and spreading the soil on Friday:

As you can see, it all looks great and now we have to wait until the grass grows back and the yards actually begin to be natural again.  The guys want me to put more soil in the front yard (above picture) and have the yard flat, instead of sloping down toward the new wall.  They really just want to spend more time with me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The plastering is done!

Although the guys showed up by mid-afternoon, yesterday, I decided to wait until tonight to do a blog post.  Yesterday was mostly preparing for the major plaster work, but a start was made on the "Trash Condo" plastering, as well.

Today was an absolutely Bermudaful day and a great way to end the wall building project.  Everyone showed up bright and early, this morning, and quickly got to work.

These next few pictures were from yesterday:

Setting up wooden guides before plastering
Tony and Chris line up the wooden guides
Tony plasters the "Trash Condo"
Tony uses a wet brush to smooth the plaster
The "Trash Condo" and smaller wall have been plastered

The following pictures are from today:

Tony and William plaster the main wall
John Sr. inspects the work being done
Tony smooths the plaster with a wet brush
William cleans and stacks the wooden guides after they've been removed from the wall
Chris mixes the plaster to keep it fresh
A look at the newly plastered wall from the front yard
Tony smooths the top of the wall with a wet brush
John Sr. loads the remaining sand into the truck with the Bobcat
A look at the fully completed wall from the Avenue
Even the Frangipani tree appreciates the new wall

Tomorrow morning, the tools and equipment will be collected and the yard will be cleared up.  Once again, we are really pleased with the work done by Sea Link Construction and will always recommend them highly to others.

Thanks guys!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The construction process is complete

Chris, Tony and William arrived around 11am to build the "Trash Condo" and the last section of the front wall.  The weather was very conducive to working, with much lower humidity and a nice breeze to keep things cool.

Rather than add a caption for every picture, as I usually do, I'm just going to display the following photos to show the flow of the work done throughout the day.

The wall and the "Trash Condo" look great.  The next step is to plaster the newly-laid block and then it can all be primed and painted.

These last pictures provide a look at the completed project from a couple of different angles.

I'm hoping the guys can return tomorrow and get the plastering done.  Apparently, there's yet another storm system that has just formed and may come our way over the next few days.  So, it would be nice to have everything done before that happens.  Stay tuned!